Autopsy results of Super Sic Especially for Families

After all this time, the post-mortem or late Marco Simoncelli outopsi report, published and mailed directly to the family. Until now, no one knows for sure how the contents of the report.
Chief executive of the Sepang circuit, Ahmad Razlan Ahmad Razali who actually became the first to receive the report, are reluctant to see its contents. Razali send it directly and specifically to Paolo Simoncelli Rosella - Super Sic parents.
"A few weeks ago, the result is out, assuming the month of January. But I do not want to see it. I had the opportunity and authority to do so, but I do not. I immediately sent to the family, "said Razali, as reported by Thestar, Thursday (03/01/2012).
Marco Simoncelli deceased died at the Sepang circuit, Malaysian Grand Prix when he underwent in October last year. Simoncelli initially off the track and towards the front of the other drivers, Colin Edwards and Valentino Rossi. As a result, Simoncelli hit by two motors.
Simoncelli was dead when it will be on crutches, despite falling out of a litter that brought medical teams, Simoncelli dying in the infirmary. The incident was one of the most tragic in the racing world and left the impression of grief in the family, friends and fans.
Nevertheless, the organizer of the series in the neighboring country, not wanting to blame. Even Razali expressed Sepang circuit is the safest in the world that will always make the iron horse jockey back and not the trauma of the incident which claimed the lives of these Simoncelli.
"Sepang Circuit is recognized as one of the safest in the world. Apparently, professional racers, especially the MotoGP racer, death or a tragic incident has always been on their minds. But they probably will not talk about in public, "he added.
"Just because there is an accident last year on this circuit, does not mean they will not come back. Incident or accident is part of the risk they take in this sport, "he concluded.